April 27, 2015


Meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by Mayor Sammons.


Members Present:

Mayor:  Mr. Sammons

Law Director: Mr. Sollmann

Fiscal Officer: Mr. Sullivan

Councilpersons:    Mr. Hartoin, Mr. Nunnery, Mrs. Romweber,

                                 Mr. Moorman, Mr. Welch, Ms. Smith                                                                                                                                                                                   


No Opening Statement


Bill Welch moved that the March, 2015 Minutes be accepted.   Ron Hartoin seconded the motion.  Motion carried 100%.


The Treasurer’s Report is available at the Village office.


Bill Welch made motion to pay the bills.  Fran Romweber seconded the motion.  Motion carried 100%.


The Maintenance Supervisor’s Report is available at the Village office.

Mayor Sammons complimented the maintenance crew on the office remodel and thanked them             for their hard work.


Sgt. Raker reported that there were 6 cases assigned for the month of March.   All cases remain open.  Officers will check 464 Three Rivers Parkway to verify its vacancy.  Officers will also check                      on US 50, under the Brower Rd. bridge for homeless.  Mayor Sammons asked for copies of area blotters be emailed to him.  Fran Romweber reminded residents to keep their cars and property locked.  Mayor Sammons reminded residents to report incidents, no matter how small, to        513-825-2280 or 513-825-1500 for non-emergency calls.

Minutes, April 27, 2015


No Report


Chief Ober stated there were 2 Fire runs and 17 EMS runs for the month of March.  Spring hydrant checks begin soon.  Three hydrants have been repaired and three still need to be repaired or replaced.

The issue of increasing the fire hydrant charge of $1.00 to $3.00 per month was raised by Dave Moorman.  He wanted a commitment that our hydrants will be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.  Chief Ober addressed this issue.  He said the Fire Department will be a part of the prioritizing process of the fire hydrant repair.  There was a discussion about how Cleves Water Works operates.  Chief Ober said they have recently hired a new administrator.   Shirley Smith stated she met with Dan Stacy, Mayor of Cleves, and the hydrants will be repaired in a timely manner.

The coal fire at Duke was discussed.


No Report                 


Finance - Mr. Welch  

No Report

Light, Water and Sewer   - Ms. Smith

No Report

Maintenance - Mr. Hartoin

No Report

Police & Fire Mr. Nunnery

Our Neighborhood Watch meeting was April 16.  The officer in attendance reviewed the number of police calls they received from year to year and things are improving in North Bend.  Of the 52 calls in March, more than half were EMS assist calls.

Ron Nunnery announced that the Neighborhood Watch meetings have been discontinued due to lack of attendance from residents.

Planning & Zoning - Mrs. Romweber    

No Report

Law & Ordinance - Mr. Moorman 

There was a discussion about the enforceability of the property maintenance ordinances.  There are many repeat offenders.  Dave Moorman recommends the ordinances be amended to allow civil citations that can be more actively enforced.  There was a discussion about how this could be changed.  Dave Moorman would like to work with members of Council to make some proposals.

Minutes, April 27, 2015

Beautification Fran Romweber

Fran Romweber discussed the large amounts of trash and cement blocks discarded along Three Rivers Parkway.  This is part of an ongoing problem.  She believes the “open bed truck” issue is to blame and urges residents to report violators.

The Beautification Committee members along with Council members will come together on Saturday, May 16 at 9:00am to arrange flowers into our planters for the summer.  Resident volunteers are welcome.  Planters and hanging baskets will be out the week after planting.


Dave Moorman asked about the BIERmrkt sign.  Fran Romweber said they have been cited and offers to work with them have been made.  Mayor Sammons will meet with Mr. Pessler, the BIERmrkt owner, this week to address this issue.


Scott Sollmann stated that 464 Three Rivers Pkwy is now vacated and ownership will be transferred to North Bend this week.  This property will be razed after a 90 day waiting period.


No Report


No Report


No Report


Because of the Memorial Day holiday, our Council meeting for May is scheduled for Monday,                 May 18 at 7:00p.m. in Council Hall.


There is a program for a Mayor’s Scholarship.  Mayor Sammons will be working with the school district on this program.

The State Treasurer is asking local governments to participate in putting checkbooks online in the interest of transparency.

Marilyn Kramer, Deputy Clerk, stated that Bev Meyers would like to set up a Welcome Tent at Harrison’s Tomb on various holiday weekends this summer, passing out bottles of water and welcoming all tourists.  Volunteers should contact Marilyn at the Village office.


Dave Moorman asked about the presidential art contest.  Marilyn will check with Three Rivers School regarding available dates to meet and discuss this contest.

Minutes, April 27, 2015


Mayor Sammons brought up the issue that our Council meeting videos have not been shown on cable for the past few months and he would like to upgrade the Village website to allow the showing of our Council meetings.

Jim Holt will check with Time Warner Cable to see if the problem has been corrected.


Ron Nunnery made motion to adjourn the meeting.  Ron Hartoin seconded the motion.  Motion carried 100%.   Meeting was adjourned at 8:05p.m.                      


 Respectfully Submitted,


_____________________________                 _______________________________  

Fiscal Officer                                                          Mayor





   April 27, 2015


To Council Members for Your Information and Review


We received our 1st half property tax distribution.  A copy of the distribution details is in your package


We wrote five Purchase orders this month. 

  • $18,410 for the Park Shelter, this money came from Interact from Health grant
  • $42,425 to Miami Township-money collected from 1st half property tax
  • $1750 for office computer system replacement
  • $15,440 for curbs on Harrison ave
  • $1800 for Rumpke trash services – B.C. written in error last month and voided


Distributed to council members this month are the following reports:

  • Monthly Cash Flow Analysis:

Showing money in/money out and the check book balance

  • Payment and charge Register Report:

Includes all checks & automatic payments taken directly from our checkbook since last Council Meeting

  • Receipts Register Report:

Includes all sources of revenue taken in by the Village since last Council Meeting

  • Revenue Status Report:

Shows the year-to-date status of each revenue account as of date of this Council Meeting

  • Fund Status Report: Shows amount left in each fund as of date of this Council

Meeting and the current checking account balance

  • Year to Date Beautification Accounting Report
  • Mayor’s Discretionary Fund Report


Copies of all the above reports are available for public viewing at the Village Office.


Respectfully submitted, Edward Sullivan, Fiscal Officer


MAINTENANCE REPORT                APRIL 27, 2015                  RICK SCHULTZ

Office Remodel 95% complete.

Winter equipment cleaned and stored.

Working with Consolidated to transport our salt to the salt dome.   (June time frame)

Mowing season is here.

Patched potholes – St. Annes – Taylor Avenue

Walked Eagles Cliff with JMA and contractor to inspect asphalt to make any repairs before                   final layer of asphalt is put down and sealed.

Planting of flowers will be mid-May.  Planters are ready for Saturday, May 16th.

Dumpster is here until May 8 for Clean Up North Bend.

Cleaned carpets in office and Council Hall.

Littering – Cleaned up Three Rivers Pkwy of large debris in several locations.

Semi cleaned out truck westbound Three Rivers Pkwy just past overpass.  Thanks to           Cleves Police for staying with us as we cleaned up 2.5 tons of grain.

                   Several tires were thrown in the woods on Brower across from Cliff Rd.

                        (If anyone sees someone littering in North Bend, please report information to

                           the non-emergency sheriff’s number 513-825-2280)


Park Shelter Update – We are waiting for engineer’s drawings – we will then get permits


Update on Surveillance System – We are in the process of receiving final proposals

                                                          We cannot use old computer, but can use monitor screen.


Mark Asphalt in need of repair, for bids.

  •  E. Harrison between 5 and 7
  •  Harbor Drive @ RR tracks and at stop sign
  •  Lakeview @ Taylor
  •  St. Annes @ Three Rivers Pkwy.
  •  Aston Oaks Drive on hill and at stop sign @ Stratford

Concrete Gutter Repairs

  •  Abbey Hill @Turnberry
  •  35 Muirfield
  •  Aston Oaks Drive



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