August 26, 2013

Council Meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by Mayor Sammons.

Members Present:
Mayor: Mr. Sammons
Law Director: Mr. Reichert
Fiscal Officer: Mr. Sullivan
Councilpersons: Mrs. Romweber, Mr. Moorman, Mr. Hartoin
Mr. Nunnery, Mr. Welch, Mr. Boll
Mayor Sammons said there will be two (2) levies on the ballot in November. 1) Issue for Gas Aggregation and 2) Levy for Fire/EMS Emergency Services currently at 1mill plus $15,000 for Fire and proposed 2.29 mills to cover Fire/EMS for a total of approximately $80,000, an approximate $30,000 increase. This is needed due to expenses connected with Fire and EMS and the cuts in local government funds. There is a contract in place for 1mill plus $15,000 thru 2018. Please call the Mayor or the members of council with any additional questions.

Ron Nunnery moved that the July 29, 2013 Minutes be accepted. Ron Hartoin seconded the motion. Motion carried 100%.

The Treasurer’s Report is attached.
Mr. Reichert will present Council with a Resolution under the Finance Committee Section to establish a CAP fund for the Shady Lane Project.

Bill Welch made motion to pay the bills. Fran Romweber seconded the motion. Motion carried 100%.

See Attached Report
Fran Romweber asked a question about the car wash sign at Shady Lane and US 50. The letters on the sign are all jumbled and need to be cleaned up or removed. Rick will follow up with TLC car wash.
Ron Hartoin made a motion to spend $6,650 on storage building renovations. Bill Welch seconded the motion. Motion carried 100%. Jim Reichert will provide a Resolution and it will be numbered and sent to us.

Minutes, August 26, 2013

Sgt. Daugherty stated there were sixty (60) calls in July. Six (6) cases were assigned to criminal investigation and two (2) were closed. There were two (2) OVIs.
Mayor Sammons reviewed the latest Neighborhood Watch Meeting and asked if North Bend could be informed of crime incidents in Cleves and Addyston also.

No Guests were scheduled.

Chief Ober stated there were no fire runs in July. There were fourteen (14) EMS runs.
The hydrants’ maintenance continues.

A new date has been set for the auction of items in Taylor High School. It will now take place on Saturday, September 21. No one attended from the Three Rivers School District.
Mayor Sammons commented on the excellence of the new school. School starts September 9th.

Finance - Mr. Welch
Bill Welch met with Rick Schultz and will present a formal report on how to best determine the long term budget for street repairs in September.

Light, Water and Sewer - Mr. Nunnery
No Report

Maintenance - Mr. Hartoin
See Maintenance Supervisor’s Report section.

Police & Fire - Mr. Boll
There will be a Neighborhood Watch Meeting at Council Hall on Thursday, October 24th at 7:00p.m.
Mayor Sammons recommended citizens attend this meeting as the crime level is increasing.

Planning & Zoning - Mrs. Romweber
No Report

Law & Ordinance - Mr. Moorman
1) The Law and Ordinance Committee met to discuss mowing ordinances. Dave Moorman recommended three (3) readings of proposed ordinance and posted the first reading. The document is available on the website.
2) False Alarms – In July, Sgt. Daugherty recommended the Village consider an ordinance to prevent excessive alarm calls. It has been looked into by the Law and Ordinance Committee and their recommendation is an ordinance is not currently needed.

Minutes, August 26, 2013

Law and Ordinance, Continued,
3) Residential Rental Property Permits – There are still a number of properties that have not met the requirements listed in the Ordinance as of August 15th. (90 days after adopting Ordinance) Forty-two (42) of the fifty-one (51) remaining units are being actively inspected at this time. Nine (9) units have made no effort and follow-up is recommended by Dave Moorman under the terms of the Ordinance. Any action taken by the Code Enforcer will be reviewed by Dave Moorman prior to executing such action.

Beautification – Mrs. Romweber
Fran Romweber reviewed the progress of the “We Thrive” grant. North Bend has been granted $3,750.00 contingent upon filling four (4) criteria by October 17th. This money will be used as seed money to provide a playground/ basketball court next to the Council Hall. More grant money will be applied for. The next We Thrive “Wellness Committee” meeting is September 28th at 10:00a.m. The Mayor urged all council to attend.

No Report

1) The need for St. Annes’ Drive repairs was discussed and Resolution 2013-23 Authorizing Mayor to Enter into a Contract with Holmes Blacktop for St. Annes Drive Repairs was motioned by Bill Welch and seconded by Fran Romweber. Motion carried 100%.
2) Jim Reichert asked if Council is going to make proposals regarding sidewalk repairs. Dave Moorman recommended using Dick Weber to observe and report on sidewalk conditions. Dave Moorman will follow-up with Dick. Bill Welch also will start noting sidewalk conditions while bike riding and also, citizens should report issues to the Village office. The Symmes Street owner has been notified and Tim Boll will follow-up.
3) A report on amendments to the grass mowing ordinance was discussed under the Law and Ordinance section.
4) A report on the status of an Ordinance assessing property owners for excessive emergency runs was discussed under Law and Ordinance section.
5) Fire/Life Squad/EMS Resolution for placement on November ballot was filed with the Board of Elections on August 6th.
6) The status of self-inspection compliance for residential rental permits was discussed under the Law and Ordinance section.
7) The Wayne Manufacturing bankruptcy trustee (Christmas decorations) has advised that North Bend will receive “some” money as a result of our claim; but not before April, 2014.

Our Council Meeting in November will be held November 18th at 7:00p.m.

No Report

Minutes 26, 2013

1) Resolution for Renovation of Storage Building is under Maintenance Supervisor section.
2) Resolution No. 2013-21 Authorizing the Mayor to Submit SCIP Grant Applications for fiscal Year 2014… was motioned by Bill Welch and seconded by Tim Boll. Motion carried 100%.
3) The Community Wellness Resolution for the We Thrive Grant was discussed under the Beautification section.
4) Resolution No. 2013-22 Establishing Fund #4905 for the Shady Lane Road Rehabilitation Project was motioned by Bill Welch and seconded by Fran Romweber. Motion carried 100%.
5) Ordinance Amending Section 301.05 for (Weeds) and Section 1300.03 for (Weeds Required To Be Cut)…please see Law and Ordinance Section.

No Report

Margaret Knapp asked about Hamilton County Building Permits requiring core drilling. Mayor Sammons believes this is covered by the permit process when the county issues a permit. Mrs. Knapp is asking who would be responsible if a house slips after a permit was issued and no core drilling was done. Mr. Reichert said North Bend defers to the Hamilton County Building Department for all building permit issues as North Bend has no building department.

No Report

No Report

Bill Welch made motion to adjourn the meeting. Ron Nunnery seconded the motion. Motion carried 100%. Meeting was adjourned at 8:17p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

_____________________________ _______________________________
Fiscal Officer Mayor

Minutes, August 26, 2013

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