The beginnings of the Buckeye moniker may have begun around the time North Bend was settled, back in 1788.

The Indians were greatly impressed by an early pioneer from Marietta, Col. Ebenezer Sproat. A large, well-proportioned man, the Indians named him "Hetuch", their name for the eye of the buck deer. Sproat became known as "Big Buckeye". Over time folks from Ohio became known as "Buckeyes"

Another explanation for the Buckeye nickname is the large number of buckeye trees native to Ohio. But most would agree that the name probably originated because of the buckeye nut's close resemblance to the eye of a buck deer.

The person most responsible for Ohioans becoming known as "Buckeyes" was William Henry Harrison. Buckeye wood cabins and buckeye walking sticks became emblems of Harrison's presidential campaign, forever linking the Buckeye nickname to the citizens and state of Ohio.

How fitting that North Bend would become the home of the state champion buckeye tree of the Buckeye state.

Ohio's Big Trees

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