May 22, 2017

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by Mayor Sammons.

Members Present:

Mayor: Mr. Sammons

Law Director: Mr. Sollmann

Fiscal Officer: Ms. Fryman

Councilpersons: Mr. Hartoin, Mrs. Romweber, Mr. Nunnery,

Mr. Moorman, Ms. Smith, Mr. Boll


Mayor Sammons attended the Three Rivers School Special Olympics. Taylor High School students were there to cheer the athletes. Mayor Sammons thanked Taylor High School and Superintendent, Craig Hockenberry for this great event.


Ron Nunnery moved that the April 24, 2017 Minutes be accepted. Dave Moorman seconded the motion. Motion carried 100%.


The Treasurer’s Report is available at the Village office.

The 2018 Tax Budget is due in July to the Auditor. There will be a Tax Budget meeting prior to our June Council meeting.


Fran Romweber made motion to pay the bills. Tim Boll seconded the motion. Motion carried 100%.


The Maintenance Supervisor’s Report is available at the Village office.


The Deputy Clerk’s Report is available at the Village office.

Minutes, May 22, 2017


Sgt. Raker reported there were 38 calls for the month of April. One case was assigned to detectives and one case has been closed. There was one criminal report at 154 Miami Avenue.


Commissioner Denise Driehaus attended tonight’s meeting as part of her “49 Jurisdictions in 49 Days” campaign. She presented council with a Memo of Opportunity offering a number of services which local governments can use to promote economic development. Mayor Sammons spoke about the Riverfront Project which includes an Interpretive Center, housing information on our two presidents, the Village of North Bend and the surrounding communities. Ms. Driehaus suggested contacting Mr. Blessing, our representative, regarding a capital grant commencing in 2018. Fran Romweber mentioned obtaining help in getting permission and funds for tree trimming to gain a sightline for President William Henry Harrison’s tomb.

Mrs. Romweber asked Commissioner Driehaus’ help regarding on-going issues with the apartment building located at 154 E. Miami Avenue. Mrs. Romweber referred to a letter written by our law director, Scott Sollmann, to the landlord/owner of the apartment building at 154 E. Miami Avenue, which letter specified decades-old criminal and ordinance infractions which occurred at 154 E. Miami. Mr. Sollmann agreed to email a copy of that letter to Ms. Driehaus, per her request for it and her subsequent offer to help bring this serious matter to resolution.


Chief Ober reported there were four fire details and thirteen EMS runs for the month of April. The fire details included two fire runs, one auto accident and one high water incident. The EMS runs were not drug related.


No Report


Finance - Mr. Moorman

No Report

Light, Water and Sewer - Ms. Smith

No Report

Maintenance - Mr. Hartoin

No Report

Police & Fire – Mr. Boll

No Report

Planning & Zoning - Mrs. Romweber

Two cases will be decided on June 12 at 6:00pm. Mr. Jamie Morgan will present an FDP Modification in Aston Oaks and Twelve Point Development/Performance Construction will add landscape screening associated with off-street parking.

Minutes, May 22, 2017

Law & Ordinance - Mr. Nunnery

No Report

Beautification – Fran Romweber

No Report


No Report


Scott advised Council he released liens on the state owned property, parcel #573-0003-0027-00.


No Report


Dave Moorman attended the May 9th Three Rivers Local School District Board and Miami Township’s joint informational meeting regarding a new community center. The proposed 42,900 sq. ft. and $12.2M community center is in the early phase of consideration and planning. The TRLS Board and Miami Township are seeking community feedback to the proposal. Dave will place all information on our website.


Scott had prepared a resolution to authorize a “no parking” sign in the cul de sac on Muirfield, per a resident’s request. Chief Ober stated he would prefer all cul de sacs to become fire lanes and he will issue orders for that purpose.


No Report


Shirley Smith announced that on May 29 there will be a Memorial Day Parade starting at the Cleves Skyline and all council should participate.

Dave Mattingly, resident on Abbey Hill, addressed council regarding the house at 2 Abbey Hill in Aston Oaks. The owners of the home are advertising their home for rent on Airbnb and there are several renters in and out of the home that is rented on a weekly basis. Mr. Mattingly believes they are in violation of North Bend’s Code that is already in place. Ron Hartoin spoke about the Homeowners Association and its’ rules. Scott Sollmann will look into the applicability of provisions within North Bend’s existing Planning & Zoning Code.

John Niehaus passed out two different plans for the Shady Lane development. A builder is interested in developing this property which is zoned R-3 and they have met with Dan Schoster, a JMA engineer. One plan is showing five homes and another plan is showing seven homes in the development. This development is outside of Aston Oaks; they would maintain their own association. (see attached)

Minutes, May 22, 2017


Carl Huether, resident on Cliff Road talked about the parcel of vacant land at 3 Miami Avenue. He would like to see a tribute to North Bend installed there to increase the historic aspect of the village. He would also like to see the newsletter reinstated, to keep residents informed of village events. Mayor Sammons suggested emailing residents as a way of communicating. Mr. Huether also talked about replacing the Stop sign with a Yield sign at the bottom of Cliff Road and Brower, as most motorists yield there because they can see traffic approaching in both directions prior to arriving at the intersection.


Our next Council meeting is Monday, June 26, 2017 at 7:00pm.

A 2018 Tax Budget meeting will precede the Council meeting and begin at 6:00pm.


No Report


Ron Hartoin made motion to adjourn the meeting. Ron Nunnery seconded the motion. Motion carried 100%. Meeting was adjourned at 8:35p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

_____________________________ _______________________________

Fiscal Officer Mayor

MAINTENANCE REPORT May 22, 2017 Rick Schultz

- Aston Oaks street repairs are 95% complete. They need to crack seal some areas.

The ONYX surfacing will be completed at the end of June.

- Stored winter equipment in the barn.

- The hanging baskets and the planter boxes are in place throughout the village. Banners and poles are installed on Three Rivers Parkway.

- We cut back brush on eastbound Three Rivers Parkway, from Consolidated to the guard rail at the day care.

- We finished trimming and mulching at the point.

- We edged the sidewalk and curb area from Shady Lane to St. Annes on Three Rivers Parkway.

DEPUTY CLERK’S REPORT May 22, 2017 Marilyn Kramer

- The adult fitness equipment has been installed. There’s a short delay in completing

the rubber surfacing of this equipment.

- We received our typewriter this month.

- I’ve updated the Employee Manual and the Code of Ordinances to reflect the recent resolutions. I’m in the process of verifying all changes with Scott. Once that is completed, I’ll place an updated copy on your desk.

- RRI Program – Residential Recycling Incentive Program – I spoke with Michelle Balz with Hamilton County and we will be able to participate in the program this year. I will request a report from Rumpke, regarding our residents’ recycling and submit that information to Hamilton County. They will issue North Bend a check based on that information. In the past, Miami Township included us in their RRI Program.

- The fire extinguishers have been dated and signed.

- Please remember the August 9, 2017 deadline for submitting all paperwork to run again for your council seat. Ron Nunnery, Ron Hartoin, Shirley Smith and Tim Boll, see attached.

- We are going to enter a contest by Mayne (which is the company that manufactures our rectangular flower boxes) to win either $250, $150 or $100. As our flowers grow, I’ll be taking pictures of them and submitting them to Mayne. Deadline is December 31, 2017.

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