May 20, 2019

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by Mayor Sammons.

Members Present:

Mayor: Mr. Sammons

Law Director: Mr. Sollmann

Fiscal Officer: Ms. Fryman

Councilpersons: Mr. Moorman, Mr. Deters, by phone, Mr. Bonner,

Mrs. Romweber, Mr. Hartoin, Ms. Smith


Mayor Sammons stated next Monday, May 27th is Memorial Day. Please remember our fallen military men and women.


Joe Bonner moved that the April 22nd, 2019 minutes be accepted. Ron Hartoin seconded the motion. Motion carried 100%.


The Treasurer’s Report is available at the Village office.

Dave Moorman made a motion to declare Resolution 2019-12 Adopting the 2020 Tax Budget an emergency and to dispense with the requirement that this resolution be read on three separate days and be adopted upon its first reading. Ron Hartoin seconded the motion. Motion carried 100%.

Dave Moorman made a motion to adopt Resolution 2019-12 Adopting the 2020 Tax Budget. Fran Romweber seconded the motion. Motion carried 100%


Fran Romweber made motion to pay the bills. Shirley Smith seconded the motion. Motion carried 100%.


The Maintenance Supervisor’s Report is available at the Village office.

Minutes, May 20, 2019


The Deputy Clerk’s Report is available at the Village office.

Marilyn Kramer spoke about Hamilton County We Thrive celebrating their 10 year anniversary. However, Hamilton County Public Health is celebrating 100 years of service to the community and has asked North Bend to pass a resolution recognizing this service.

Dave Moorman made a motion to adopt Resolution 2019-11 Recognizing Hamilton County Public Health for 100 Years of Service: 1919-2019. Ron Hartoin seconded the motion. Motion carried 100%.


Lt. Keith Boeing reported there were 26 calls for service for the month of April, 2019. There have been 105 calls year-to-date. One case was assigned to detectives for investigation; no cases were closed. There was one criminal report on Symmes Avenue and one auto accident.


Ms. Barbara Gillespie, owns rental property at 7 W. Harrison Avenue in North Bend. She is complaining about how Tisch Properties and Clift Contractors handled the demolition of 154 Miami Avenue and 8 W. Harrison Avenue; both properties adjacent to 7 W. Harrison. Ms. Gillespie is stating when Clift Contractors started removing trees from 154 Miami, a tree branch fell on her tenant. She claims they also removed a tree from her property without her permission. Mr. Tisch and Duane Means, his manager, are advising her to contact North Bend with her complaints.

Mayor Sammons strictly stated that North Bend does not own that property and we have no responsibility regarding her complaints with the owner or contractor. North Bend was part of a negotiation with Hamilton County to shut down 154 Miami Avenue as a nuisance. Hamilton County held the keys to 154 Miami and they shut it down last year. Fran Romweber suggested that Ms. Gillespie retain a lawyer to move forward regarding these complaints against the owner and contractor.


Chief Ober reported there were 3 fire details and 7 EMS runs for the month of April, 2019. This included 2 alarm drops and 1 flooded basement.

Chief Ober gave details about the Fire/EMS levy to be placed on the November, 2019 ballot. He stated Miami Township’s population growth is up by 15% and costs are increasing. Miami Township secures ten (10) firemen/EMS employees 24/7; they would like to increase that number to 13 firemen/EMS employees 24/7. He stated that Miami Township trustees have approved a 1mill replacement and a 3.5mill new levy for November’s ballot. This levy is strictly for operating costs. Miami Township uses TIF money for their equipment needs. In comparison, Delhi Township has a 15mill levy and Green Township has a 10.25mill levy. Chief Ober will have an outline of levy information for council soon. He is asking for North Bend council to send him any questions they may have to add to a FAQ pamphlet. They will be going door-to-door, in addition to printing the FAQ pamphlet, to answer residents’ questions about the levy.

Miami Township is asking North Bend to increase their Fire/EMS levy by 2.5mills. In 2017, North Bend had a 2.29mill Fire/EMS levy, but because of village error, we did not secure a Fire/EMS levy for 2018. The total levy amount they are asking for is 4.79mills for a five year duration. Dave Moorman is suggesting that we try to re-coop the lost revenue from 2018 and add another 3mill Public Safety levy.

Minutes, May 20, 2019


No Report


Finance - Mr. Moorman

Dave Moorman stated that Miami Township is recommending that North Bend place a Fire/EMS levy on the November ballot for 4.79mills, which represents a 2.5mill increase of our 2017 levy. There are two issues; North Bend has an $86,000 loss because of a village error regarding the 2018 Fire/EMS levy. The police contract is increasing by approximately $24,000 annually, which represents a 25% increase. Mayor Sammons stated we paid $96,000 for police protection in 2018. Dave Moorman is suggesting North Bend add an additional levy to re-coop the lost revenue as well as subsidize the higher police costs. There was a discussion as to whether North Bend should lump the costs in one levy or have two separate levies. Public Safety levy monies are more flexible in their use.

Ron Hartoin suggested placing a levy on the ballot just to cover the police increase, not the whole cost. Mayor Sammons stated we have permanently eliminated the 2.25mill levy for waste removal from property taxes. Dave Moorman stated with two levies, North Bend would be at the same millage as Miami Township for the Fire/EMS levy and that’s beneficial when advertising for votes. Council talked about a 3.0mill Public Safety levy generating $120,000. Mayor Sammons asked Marty to have the auditor verify this amount.

Scott Sollmann will introduce a resolution at our June council meeting to have the auditor certify the millage. Fran Romweber and Joe Bonner are in favor of distributing fact sheets and marketing these levies so residents understand the reasons for the costs.

Council decided to submit two levies, however, the amount of the Public Safety levy will be decided at a later date.

Light, Water and Sewer - Ms. Smith

No Report.

Maintenance - Mr. Hartoin

No Report.

Police & Fire – Mr. Deters

No Report.

Planning & Zoning - Mrs. Romweber

No Report.

Law & Ordinance - Mr. Bonner

Joe Bonner stated two Violation Notice letters were mailed in April and three letters mailed in May.

Beautification – Fran Romweber

Fran Romweber thanked the Beautification Committee members and other volunteers for planting flowers on Saturday.

Fran will be attending We Thrive’s Learning Collaborative meeting on June 11.

Minutes, May 20, 2019


Dave Moorman suggested a Violation Notice letter be mailed to the property owners of the pole barn parcel on Three Rivers Parkway. They are in violation of our Maintenance Code; front parcel has not been landscaped and as a result mud is sliding on to the sidewalk.


Scott Sollmann suggested Ron Hartoin, North Bend’s street commissioner, inspect the property at 154 Miami Avenue after demolition is complete. Scott will introduce a motion at our June meeting stating the property has been razed, meeting our standards and payment can be made to Clift Contractors.


Dave Moorman asked about John Niehaus’ Shady Lane development. Mayor Sammons stated JMA is working with Leesman Engineering, (John Niehaus’ engineer) in getting the proper plans approved. Dave also mentioned that Mr. Niehaus is advising residents that North Bend is holding up the process. Mayor Sammons stated he would like the roads repaired before we release the paper streets. Mr. Niehaus wants the road dedicated. That brings up the issue of “private road vs. dedicated road”. Rick Schultz informed council that a private road is not required to have curbs or storm sewers. It was mentioned that the county has not contacted North Bend regarding the landslide.

Scott Sollmann would like to present an ordinance to accept dedication of the road at John Niehaus’ Crescent Development on Shady Lane at our June council meeting.


No Report


Scott Sollmann stated he would like to present an ordinance at our June council meeting dedicating Eagles Cliff. Dave Moorman talked about road damage there. Ron Hartoin stated he agrees with Scott in proceeding with Eagles Cliff dedication. Mr. Niehaus had the roads repaired and the only repair that is needed presently is crack sealing.


No Report


Ron Nunnery, resident at 32 Taylor Avenue, asked about North Bend’s plan on resurfacing Taylor Avenue and that water drainage needs to be addressed. Mayor Sammons stated we were not awarded a grant for resurfacing Taylor Avenue, however, when we get bids for Harrison Avenue, we will include Taylor Avenue in the bid.

Mayor Sammons also commented on the fact that the grant we received for resurfacing East Harrison Avenue went from Ridge Road to Miami Avenue. We will get a bid to include West Harrison Avenue (across Miami Avenue).

Minutes, May 20, 2019


Our next council meeting is Monday, June 24, 2019 at 7:00pm.


Shirley Smith wanted to comment on the original owner of 154 Miami Avenue, Mr. Albert Redd O’Call. He looked after everyone in the community. He was a very generous man.


Ron Hartoin made motion to adjourn the meeting. Joe Bonner seconded the motion. Motion carried 100%. Meeting was adjourned at 8:55p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

_____________________________ _______________________________

Fiscal Officer Mayor

Minutes, May 20, 2019


May 20, 2019

To Council Members for Your Information and Review

As advertised prior to this Council meeting, Council reviewed the 2020 Tax Budget. Council needs to approve the Resolution adopting the 2020 Tax Budget as prepared by Mr. Sollmann.

The Tax Budget has taken the majority of my time this month. It will be submitted to the Hamilton County Auditor by July 20, 2019.

We issued 1 purchase order for Duke Energy, $105,069.08, for the LED streetlight installation.

Distributed to council members this month are the following reports:

· Monthly Cash Flow Analysis:

Showing money in/money out and the check book balance

· Payment and charge Register Report:

Includes all checks & automatic payments taken directly from our checkbook since last Council Meeting

· Receipts Register Report:

Includes all sources of revenue taken in by the Village since last Council Meeting

· Revenue Status Report:

Shows the year-to-date status of each revenue account as of date of this Council Meeting

· Fund Status Report: Shows amount left in each fund as of date of this Council

Meeting and the current checking account balance

· Year to Date Beautification Accounting Report – no expenses to report this month

· Mayor’s Discretionary Fund Report – no expenses to report this month

· Credit Card Report

Copies of all the above reports are available for public viewing at the Village Office.

Respectfully submitted, Marta Fryman, Fiscal Officer


- Mowing and mulching continues.

- New Arborvitaes planted at 3 Miami.

- Installed new post and concrete pad at the Point for planters and also to secure Christmas tree in place during the holidays.

- Planters and poles will be set in place tomorrow.

- New picnic tables should be ready the first part of June.

- We have been awarded the grant for Harrison Avenue from Ridge to Miami Avenue.

(Paving and storm sewer work)

- Working on the landslide on US 50, east of St. Annes.

DEPUTY CLERK’S REPORT May 20, 2019 Marilyn Kramer

- Hamilton County We Thrive celebrated their 10 year anniversary. I emailed the article they published on North Bend’s journey to you on May 1st. I have a copy here to review. They asked that we pass a Resolution recognizing Hamilton County Public Health’s 100 years of service.

- I contacted Duro-Last regarding the leaks on our roof. They sent out Pro-Tek Exterior Services and they patched over two holes in the roof. I’m waiting to hear back from Duro-Last regarding any warranty for a new roof.

- The yard waste dumpster was picked up today. The tire dumpster was delivered today and is located in the maintenance garage’s driveway until Tuesday, May 28th.

- Joe and I will be working on the rental property list. We will send out applications and checklists in June and July. These permits will be valid for three years.

- Our next We Thrive Wellness Committee meeting is Friday, June 21 at 9:30am.

- The next Ineos meeting is Thursday, June 27, 2019 at 5:30pm at Miami Township.

- Mr. Ray McRoberts stopped in the office to donate a book on North Bend he purchased at a garage sale. A thank you note was sent to him.

Tickler File

Reminder: Mayor Sammons, Fran Romweber and Dave Moorman need to stop by the Board of Elections to pick up their election packet. You need to get approximately 30 signatures (10 valid signatures) and return what is required by early August, 2019, to appear on the November, 2019 ballot.

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