November 26th, 2012


Meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by Mayor Sammons.


Members Present:

Mayor:  Mr. Sammons

Law Director: Mr. Reichert

Fiscal Officer: Mr. Sullivan

Councilpersons:    Mrs. Romweber, Mr. Moorman, Mr. Hartoin

                                 Mr. Boll, Mr. Nunnery, Mr. Welch



Mayor Sammons reviewed President Reagan’s 1986 Memorial Day Speech at Arlington Cemetery in recognition of the recent Veteran’s Day.


Bill Welch moved that the October 29th, 2012 Minutes be accepted.  Ron Hartoin seconded the motion.  Motion carried 100%.


The Treasurer’s Report is attached.


Bill Welch made motion to pay the bills.  Fran Romweber seconded the motion.  Motion carried 100%.


See Attached Report

Fran Romweber complimented Rick and our crew for their dedication to getting the Hillgrove property ready for “Light up North Bend” night.   Attendance was great with fifty (50) or more residents.  Thanks to the Miami Township Fire Department, Joe Cowan and all who made it happen.

Mayor Sammons said the Villages shared their maintenance resources (putting up lights) and he expects more of this cooperation.  Another example of this was the clean-up of US 50.

Julia Caldwell, 12 Miami, suggested redoing the basketball courts and converting half to a playground.  Fran Romweber responded that ideas like this are in the works and being aggressively pursued.  Ms. Caldwell stated there are volunteers available to help.



Minutes, November 26, 2012




There was a discussion about “Gillespie Park” at the end of Taylor Avenue.  Mayor Sammons will investigate.

Alan Montague also brought up a “walking path” that is supposed to be part of the Aston Oaks development connecting with the main Village.


Sgt. Daugherty stated for the month of October there were 61 calls, 2 cases assigned and 2 cases closed.  Fran Romweber asked questions about the recent incident at St. Annes.  Sgt Daugherty said it was a routine but high risk stop and the officer requested back-up.

Resident, Margaret Knapp asked about groups of cars on the US 50 overpass.  Mayor Sammons says he is notified of any major incidents by the police.  The Mayor gave his cell phone number 513-967-3045 and asked residents to call him with any concerns.

There was a discussion of current coverage available to North Bend due to the new police contract.


Ron Hartoin and Council recognized Bob Czanik for his role in the Council Hall renovation.  The Mayor presented Bob with a plaque and small gift.  Bob’s work was completely voluntary.  The plaque will hang in Council Hall.


Chief Ober reported that for the month of October there were 4 fire runs and 8 EMS details.  The hydrants’ winter check is now completed.  A new life squad was delivered, giving the Township three (3) available squads.  Chief Ober discussed the emergency procedures when wires are down and advised residents to call 911 and do not touch!


Kate Fenton is the communications person for Three Rivers School.  Ms. Fenton lives in North Bend.  There is a play Dec 7-9 at the Middle School.  There will be a Santa Breakfast at CT Young at 9:00a.m. on December 7th.  Work is progressing on the new school and it is on schedule.

Bill Welch questioned the repurposing of Taylor High School.  Ms. Fenton stated updated information is posted on the Three Rivers website.  The property will still be used for sports for the 2013-2014 school year.  After that it will be sold.

Bill Welch asked what happens if the school is not sold.  Is money available to demolish the building in that case?  Two school properties in Addyston are going up for auction (with minimums).

The Mayor is working with Superintendant Bohanon on the Taylor High School issue.

There was a discussion of the Field of Dreams Program.


Finance -  Mr. Welch  

There was a discussion of the long term street maintenance plan.  A twenty (20) year plan is being developed to assess future costs.  JMA Engineering Consultants is participating in this plan.  Mayor Sammons and Council are trying to find a way to finance these costs with the minimum effect on the Village citizens.

Bill Welch reviewed the first cut of JMA’s report and brought up the issue of needing much more detail and requested this from them.


Minutes, November 26th, 2012




Light, Water and Sewer   - Mr. Nunnery

Ron Nunnery gave some background information on Storm Water Regulations and how this Ordinance came to be.  Al Montague asked who pays for storm water sewer repairs.  This is the responsibility of property owners and the Village.  In the case of Washington Avenue, the Village is paying 50% and 50% is coming from a grant.

Ordinance No. 2012-06 Adopting Rules & Regulations of HCSWD was motioned by Ron Nunnery and seconded by Tim Boll.  Motion passed 100%.

Maintenance - Mr. Hartoin

Ron Hartoin discussed the need for a back-up snow plow driver.  He will be a contract employee, not a Village employee.

Police & Fire - Mr.  Boll    

There was a discussion of a possible 2.29 mil levy to be put on the May ballot for the possible increased Fire and EMS contract.  Chief Ober discussed how the Fire/EMS levy contract came about.  Currently, we pay 1 mil for every $10,000 (this is increasing to 15,000 in 2013).  Other Villages are currently paying 2.29 mills.  The Township has asked all Villages to pay the same.  There are 1,500-2,000 Fire/EMS runs per year versus 1,000 average ten years ago.

Planning & Zoning  - Mrs. Romweber                                                                                                                                          

No Report

Law & Ordinance  - Mr. Moorman 

Dave Moorman reviewed the Rental Ordinance and code enforcement as it currently is in effect and how it came to be.  Results from the code enforcement have been very good.  On November 12, the Law and Ordinance Committee met with a group of citizens resulting in the proposed modification. 

Dave made motion to adopt Ordinance 2012-07 Amending and Revising Title 16, but first Tim Mara, Attorney for some rental property owners proposed several additional changes to Title 16, including no permit fee.  He offered to work with members of Council to make these changes in the proposed Ordinance.

Tony Albu, 6 Washington, says this is an experiment and doesn’t feel that property owners should  have to pay for an experiment.  He feels single family home owners  should be charged also.

Barbara Gillespie, 7 West Harrison, says her tenants are positive about the program and she sees an improvement in her neighborhood.  She is still concerned about the noise level.  Council advised her there are Ordinances to deal with these issues.

Nick Albu’s concern is that there is an underlying motive; reducing drugs, crimes, etc.  He is not sure this program will address this.

Bill Welch clarified that the program is to provide a better environment for the citizens, such as requiring smoke detectors.  Nick says if that is the case, then it should apply to single family residences also.   Mayor Sammons addressed the landlord vs. single family issue.  He stated that in general, those who rent (don’t own the property) tend not to keep the property up as well as someone who owns the property in which they reside.  He also stated the North Bend Ordinance is modeled after other Village Ordinances.



Minutes, November 26th, 2012




Ken Albu, 7 Washington, says as a former Councilman, this will be a management nightmare; he made several comments on the “checklist”.  1) This is an attempt to legislate people’s behavior, which is an impossible task.  2) “Who are the people who asked for this program”?  3) The programs in Cleves and Addyston are “not working”.

Margaret Knapp suggested the only thing in the way of the program is the $50.00 fee and asked what happens when the landlords don’t pay.  Ron Nunnery says according to the Ordinance, they lose the right to rent their property and a fine of $150.00 per day applies.

Ken Drake, 70 Harrison, says there are other programs that address these issues that can do a better job.  Again, he said there is an inequality of landlords vs. single owner residences.  He also believes as Nick Albu, that there is an underlying motive.

Dave Moorman then proposed adoption that this Ordinance be made an emergency.   Bill Welch seconded the motion.  Motion passed 100%.

Dave Moorman then made motion to adopt Ordinance 2012-07 – Amending and Revising Title 16 of the North Bend Revised Code of Ordinances Relating to Rental Unit Policy.    Fran Romweber seconded the motion.  Motion passed 100%.

Discussion – Tim Boll asked if the program will it be reviewed in April.  Dave Moorman says the program expires April 30, 2013 and will need to be reviewed at that time.  Ron Nunnery originally voted against it, but will vote in favor of it because he feels it improves the Ordinance and makes it fair.

Ken Walsh asked for clarification about owner occupied units in a multiple dwelling.  That unit will not be inspected. 

Beautification Fran Romweber

Fran Romweber stated Wayne Manufacturing went bankrupt and North Bend lost its $1,800.00 deposit on the Christmas decorations.  North Bend has been using this company for at least nine (9) years.


No Report


1)  Repair Order sent to owner of 22 Washington Avenue by Deputy Clerk on November 6, 2012.  Tim Boll received a response from the owner asking for a weather delay.

2)  Deed to 462 Three Rivers Parkway recorded October 31.  A sixty (60) day Eviction Notice was sent to the occupant and was served October 31, 2012.

3)  End of Year Ordinances – 2nd Reading – To be adopted at the December meeting.

 -  Reappointing Village Engineer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            - 

- Reappointing Hamilton County Building Commissioner for Building Inspections

-  Appointing Village Law Director

-  Reappointing Village Public Works Administrator 

-  Annual Appropriations Ordinance (for 2013)

4)  End of Year Resolutions – to be passed at December meeting

       -  Authorizing Incentive Bonuses 

       -  Appointing Village Street Commissioner                                                                                      


Minutes, November 26th, 2012



Ron Hartoin motioned to adopt Resolution 2012-36 Authorizing the Mayor to Execute a Contract  with the Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission for Zoning Compliance Services Effective 1/1/13 through 12/31/13.  Fran Romweber seconded the motion.  Motion passed 100%.


No Report


No Report


No Report


Our next Council meeting will be held on Monday,  December 17th due to the holiday.

Breakfast with Santa will be December 15th at 10:00am in Council Hall.

Duke Energy is filing a request to have North Bend declared an Aggregator.  Upon that, council can then decide whether to go ahead and with whom.


Lou Blessing , our newly elected State Representative for our District, attended the meeting and said feel free to contact him if he can help with any issues.  He passed out his business cards.

Chief Ober reviewed the failure of the Rumpke Levy.  The Township is working on this issue.


No Report


No Report

Bill Welch made motion to go into Executive Session.  Ron Nunnery seconded.  Motion passed 100%.



Bill Welch made motion to adjourn the meeting.  Ron Hartoin seconded the motion.  Motion carried 100%.   Meeting was adjourned at 9:27p.m. to go into Executive Session.


 Respectfully Submitted,



_____________________________                 _______________________________  

Fiscal Officer                                                          Mayor



Minutes, November 26th, 2012

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