October 29, 2018

Meeting was called to order at 6:15 P.M. by Mayor Sammons.

Members Present:

Mayor: Mr. Sammons

Law Director: Mr. Sollmann

Councilpersons: Mr. Moorman, Mr. Deters, by phone, Mr. Bonner,

Mrs. Romweber, Mr. Hartoin, Ms. Smith


Immediately after roll call, Joe Bonner made a motion for council to go into Executive Session in accordance with Ohio Revised Code 121.22(G) (3) for an attorney-client conference concerning pending and/or imminent litigation involving the Village of North Bend. The motion was seconded by Fran Romweber that council enter into Executive Session to discuss pending litigation. The motion was unanimous and carried 100%.

The Executive Session was attended by the Mayor, Dave Moorman, Bill Deters, by phone, Joe Bonner, Ron Hartoin, Fran Romweber, Shirley Smith and the Law Director.

Ron Hartoin made a motion, seconded by Fran Romweber, to adjourn Executive Session and resume the regular council meeting. The motion carried 100%. The Executive Session ended at 6:45p.m.

Council resumed the regular meeting at 7:00p.m.


Mayor Sammons had no opening statement.


Dave Moorman moved that the September 17, 2018 minutes be accepted. Bill Deters seconded the motion. Motion carried 100%.


The Treasurer’s Report is available at the Village office.


Fran Romweber made motion to pay the bills. Shirley Smith seconded the motion. Motion carried 100%.

Minutes, October 29, 2018


The Maintenance Supervisor’s Report is available at the Village office.

Shirley Smith thanked Rick for clearing out the area where President William Henry Harrison’s sign was located.


The Deputy Clerk’s Report is available at the Village office.


Sgt. Raker reported there were 46 calls for service for the month of September. There were no criminal reports and no assignments to detectives.

Mayor Sammons asked Sgt. Raker to report on the overdose death that happened in October. Sgt. Raker stated that a young man was found dead near North Bend’s overpass and reported that he may have been transferred there after his death.


Threads of Hope representatives, Shelly and Brien Lacey with Grace Covenant Church, attended the council meeting to inform residents of their new home, 125 Miami Avenue, the old Johnny’s Tobacco property. The upstairs area will be used for shopping and the basement area will be storage. They are also firefighters with Miami Township. Their Facebook page is Threads of Hope Cleves. They are a community outreach organization that accepts donations and gives to families in need. They hope to have an Open House on Saturday, November 10th (pending) and be open for business November 13. Their hours of operation are every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00pm – 8:00pm. Their staff is all volunteer and they accept donations only when they are open; no drop-off donations, please. Students at Margaret Ross also volunteer and help with separating the items.

Items they accept and need are: toiletries, clothing….especially children’s clothing, diapers, toys, appliances, dishes, towels, linens and all household items. If you donate, items must be clean, smoke free and bug free. They serve all people …most being local, and there are no income restrictions. You will need identification… either a driver’s license or mail with address on it and children need “proof of life”, which is any type of paperwork recording their name. Each family is registered and they keep a record of each families’ donations. Shelly also stated they do not discard anything. They support veteran’s organizations, Matthew 25 and Haiti. They give items to Three Rivers School for concert costumes and more. Threads of Hope is a true community organization.


Chief Ober reported there were 5 Fire runs and 6 EMS details for the month of September.

He hosted North Bend’s CPR and Stop the Bleed training on October 20th. It was not as well-attended this year compared to past years.

Minutes, October 29, 2018


Superintendent Hockenberry stated the first quarter has ended. Three Rivers School has hired a new technology company and a new cleaning company. They will have a Veteran’s Day event on November 9th at 9:15am. Beauty and the Beast will be playing on November 16, 17 and 18. There was a Building meeting with Miami Township regarding the Community Center and Miami Township is pledging eight million dollars to this project. There’s no school on November 19th which is an in-service day and no school on November 6 because TRS is the polling location for Cleves. Three Rivers School is determining their five-year forecast. They have not asked residents to pass a levy for operating costs for the past fifteen years. They will need to ask for an operating levy next year.

Mayor Sammons is on TRS Finance Committee and asked Superintendent Hockenberry the dates of the meetings. Superintendent Hockenberry will get that information to him. Fran Romweber advised Superintendent Hockenberry that the speaker’s fee from Living Lands and Waters, regarding littering, was quite high. She’ll address this issue at another time.


Finance - Mr. Moorman

Dave Moorman gave an update on the status of the LED lighting throughout North Bend. The COBRA lights, which will be used in the Village proper, is on a separate contract which was given to Scott for review. The ACORN lights’ contract is being prepared by Duke Energy.

Rumpke drafted a flyer which will be mailed to all North Bend residents advising them of the new billing system directly with Rumpke for waste pick-up. North Bend must approve this flyer and sign the agreement by November 5th for Rumpke to mail residents. All residents have been opted-in for waste pick-up, however, they have the option to opt-out if they prefer to sign with another waste company. Recycling is a separate, opt-in option. Residents may rent trash cans from Rumpke as well.

Light, Water and Sewer - Ms. Smith

No Report

Maintenance - Mr. Hartoin

Ron Hartoin made motion to adopt Resolution 2018-27 Authorizing Mayor to Execute Joint Agreement Between Miami Township, Hamilton County and the Village of North Bend for the Use of a Salt and Rubber-Tire Loader at the Miami Township Salt Dome. Joe Bonner seconded the motion. Motion carried 100%.

Police & Fire – Mr. Deters

No Report

Planning & Zoning - Mrs. Romweber

No Report.

Mayor Sammons stated that plans for four homes being developed on Shady Lane will be filed soon.

Minutes, October 29, 2018

Law & Ordinance - Mr. Bonner

Joe Bonner stated he sent out two letters and made a few phone calls regarding high grass issues in the village.

Beautification – Fran Romweber

Our Beautification Committee meeting was held on October 13th. Fran Romweber made a motion to ask council to approve using $2,500 of the Beautification Committees 2019 Finance Budget in 2018 to purchase and plant twelve trees on US 50 between St. Annes and Symmes. Shirley Smith seconded the motion. Motion carried 100%. Rick will contact Consolidated for permission to plant these trees on their property.

Our next Wellness Committee meeting is Saturday, November 3rd at 9:30am in council hall.


No Report


Scott spoke about the liens placed on the property at 4 Miami Avenue regarding North Bend maintenance fees for cutting grass there and the mortgage bank paying those costs. Fran Romweber made motion to adopt Resolution 2018-25 Releasing All Village Liens, Assessments, Penalties and Interest Against Hamilton County Parcel #573-0004-0116-00. Joe Bonner seconded the motion. Motion carried 100%.


No Report


No Report


Scott spoke about the need to adopt Hamilton County’s Mitigation Plan. Dave Moorman made a motion to adopt Resolution 2018-26 Adoption of the Hamilton County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan. Ron Hartoin seconded the motion. Motion carried 100%.


Mayor Sammons spoke about the vandalism at the playground where someone had damaged approximately 18” of the rubber surfacing, which now needs to be repaired. They had destroyed one of the cameras that is located at the playground for monitoring. Fran Romweber has received an estimate cost from H & B Systems, LLC for $2,400 for two new, vandal proof cameras along with a new hybrid digital recorder. Fran has also spoken with Paul Beck of Miami Township and he highly recommended this system. Mayor Sammons emailed the cost estimate and asked for comments from council. Dave Moorman commented on how the Village would penalize juveniles. Mayor Sammons and Fran both stated that hopefully, this would be a learning experience for the juveniles and possibly receive restitution from the parents. Fran Romweber made a motion to approve the purchase and installation of the new camera system. Joe Bonner seconded the motion. Motion carried 100%.

Minutes, October 29, 2018


No Report


North Bend will celebrate Halloween on October 31, from 6:00pm – 8:00pm.

Mayor Sammons urged everyone to come out to vote on November 6th.

Our next council meeting is Monday, November 26, 2018 at 7:00pm. The Finance Committee meeting will be held immediately prior to our council meeting, November 26 at 6:15, discussing the 2019 Finance Budget.

Our December council meeting will be Monday, December 17th at 7:00pm.

The Records Retention meeting will be postponed until our January council meeting date.


No Report.


Ron Hartoin made motion to adjourn the meeting. Shirley Smith seconded the motion. Motion carried 100%. Meeting was adjourned at 8:12p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

_____________________________ _______________________________

Fiscal Officer Mayor

Minutes, October 29, 2018


October 29, 2018

To Council Members for Your Information and Review

I attended Village Fiscal Officer training on 10/11. Housebill 312 becomes effective November 1, 2018. It requires a detailed report on all credit card purchases be submitted to Council and signed by the Mayor. I asked Mr. Sollman to review the law for required updates to our current credit card policy.

Please get Mayor Sammons, Dave Moorman or myself budget requests for 2019. Approval of the following year’s budget is in November per past practice.

We issued 3 purchase orders this month to Jim Holt, $150.00 for video taping 9/17 Council meeting, Miami Township Trustees, $26,504.43 for final 2018 payment for the Fire/EMS levy and a blanket PO, $991.63, which should cover professional and technical services through 2018.

Distributed to council members this month are the following reports:

· Monthly Cash Flow Analysis:

Showing money in/money out and the check book balance

· Payment and charge Register Report:

Includes all checks & automatic payments taken directly from our checkbook since last Council Meeting

· Credit Card expense report

· Receipts Register Report:

Includes all sources of revenue taken in by the Village since last Council Meeting

· Revenue Status Report:

Shows the year-to-date status of each revenue account as of date of this Council Meeting

· Fund Status Report: Shows amount left in each fund as of date of this Council

Meeting and the current checking account balance

· Year to Date Beautification Accounting Report

· Mayor’s Discretionary Fund Report

Copies of all the above reports are available for public viewing at the Village Office.

Respectfully submitted, Marta Fryman, Fiscal Officer


- Salt was delivered this month. The plan is to receive another 100 tons in early 2019.

- Christmas decorations are 95% ready.

- We are still cutting back brush and trees. We are spraying to kill honeysuckle for next year.

- Planters should be ready to pull back any time. We will then start the changeover to holiday decorating. We hope to have everything in place before Thanksgiving.

- Signage received from the ODOT grant is now 95% installed.

- New planter box has been built, which is replacing the one damaged on U.S. 50 in the auto accident. Insurance claim was filed for $918.00 (flower box, pole, banner, brackets and labor).

DEPUTY CLERK’S REPORT October 29, 2018 Marilyn Kramer

- Our Wellness Committee meeting was September 22nd. The minutes are attached for your review. Our next meeting is November 3rd at 9:30am. North Bend will be recognized at We Thrive’s Recognition Event on December 4th. If anyone would like to attend, please let me know.

- Our Beautification Committee meeting was October 13th. The minutes are attached for your review.

- The CEDAP application deadline was extended until October 1st; we added more details to our application and as a result, we were asked to give a presentation on October 19th. We should know by the end of October if North Bend was chosen for this grant. This application was submitted to assist in razing 154 Miami Avenue.

- The Hamilton County Mitigation Plan has been completed. I attended the webinar last December and Fran attended the workshop on February 9th of this year. Hamilton County has asked all jurisdictions what disasters are unique to their area. (Tornadoes and earthquakes, for example, were added to all jurisdictions); by participating in this, North Bend becomes eligible for FEMA disaster funding. This needs to be updated every five years. The disasters we listed were: landslides, railroad accidents and chemical spills because of those accidents and flash flooding were named. We need to pass a resolution for our Mitigation Plan and forward it to Hamilton County.

- We received the agreement from Miami Township for the use of salt and the rubber-tire loader at the Miami Township Salt Dome for the 2018-2019 winter season. The terms will remain the same. We need to pass a resolution for Mayor Sammons to enter into the contract.

- November 6th is Election Day. I’ve confirmed times with the Precinct Judge and the BOE to open council hall for them to prepare the night before and early on November 6th.

- North Bend held our annual CPR and Stop the Bleed training on October 20th. Chief Ober was here for the event.

- There was an accident on October 5th on River Road which totally destroyed one of our flower planters, pole and banner. I submitted an Itemized claim to the insurance company for $918.00. They stated they make payments of all the claims at one time. Duke Energy was one of the claimants and the agent stated they sometimes take up to six months to get their costs in to the insurance company.

- Damage was done to our flooring at the playground. I contacted Pro-Techs Surfacing and they can send a repair kit for a total of $170.00; ($130 for repair kit and $45 for shipping). Our maintenance department would complete the repair. I also called DWA Recreation; they are the company who installed the flooring and they would repair the damage for $350.00.

- A non-profit organization called A Thread of Hope purchased the old Johnny’s Tobacco property. We welcomed them to North Bend and invited them to speak today to let our residents know what they do and when they will open.

- I contacted Cincinnati Bell to increase our Wi-Fi and internet speed to 200mb with Fioptics for an additional $25.00 per month. We now have only 5mb.

- The INEOS/PAG meeting was held in North Bend’s Council Hall on October 25th.

- I sent pictures of North Bend in to PEP for publication of their 2019 calendar.

- We received an advertisement in the mail regarding a 32’ x 40’ portable iceless ice skating rink. The rental is for four hours of fun with 65 pairs of skates, music and lights for $3,000.

- I spoke about newborn kits that we assembled to help caregivers of newborns start out with important information and a few items to help them. The announcement is attached for your review.

- Dave Moorman donated a file cabinet to North Bend. Thank you to Dave.

- Margaret Beckmeyer Rentz donated a picture of John S. Connor School which she received from Jim Beaker, Principal of John S. Connor School. Thank you to Ms. Rentz.

- Bev Meyers advised me that the Travel Channel completed twelve hours of filming for an episode called “Mystery at the Museum”. They covered the Harrison-Symmes Memorial Foundation Museum in Cleves, President William Henry Harrison’s Tomb site and up Cliff Road. She’s not able to divulge the mystery, but it should air in December or January. She’ll get the details two weeks in advance.

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