September 26, 2016

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by Mayor Sammons.

Members Present:

Mayor: Mr. Sammons

Law Director: Mr. Sollmann

Fiscal Officer: Ms. Fryman

Councilpersons: Mr. Hartoin, excused, Mrs. Romweber, Mr. Nunnery,

Mr. Moorman, Ms. Smith, Mr. Boll


Mayor Sammons spoke about the Open House Riverfront Project meeting. Residents from Cleves, Miami Township and North Bend attended. Some residents had questions about the funding of the project, however, most attendees were very positive. They specifically mentioned they liked the idea of narrowing Route 50 to two lanes for the portion through Cleves and North Bend. We will meet with Hamilton County Planning and Development regarding the Clean Ohio Grant.


Ron Nunnery moved that the August 29, 2016 Minutes be accepted. Shirley Smith seconded the motion. Motion carried 100%.


The Treasurer’s Report is available at the Village office.

Shirley Smith made motion to adopt Resolution 2016-17 Accepting the Amounts and Rates as Determined by the Budget Commission & Authorizing the Necessary Tax Levies and Certifying Them to the County Auditor. Fran Romweber seconded the motion. Motion carried 100%.

Dave Moorman asked each committee to send Marty or him their 2017 Appropriations Budget expense requests by October 17th. He will have a finance committee meeting following the October 17th Council meeting to discuss budget submissions. The target date for the 2017 Appropriations Budget is the November-2016 Council meeting.

Mayor Sammons advised residents again, of the 5mil renewal levy which will appear on the November ballot. There will be no increase in taxes.


Ron Nunnery made motion to pay the bills. Fran Romweber seconded the motion. Motion carried 100%.

Minutes, September 26, 2016


The Maintenance Supervisor’s Report is available at the Village office.


The Deputy Clerk’s Report is available at the Village office.


Sgt. Raker reported there were 51 calls for service for the month of August, however, none of those cases were issued to detectives.

On October 22nd from 10:00am – 2:00pm, there will be a drug take back program held at Miami Township Fire House on Shady Lane.


Sheryl Ross and Linda Graviss spoke to council regarding how beautiful North Bend has become with our beautification committee placing flower planters and hanging baskets throughout the village. They mentioned how stunning Shady Lane is approaching Aston Oaks with the new hanging baskets. They asked council if Edinburgh Place residents (a private drive) could possibly purchase hanging baskets to be placed on their street. They would pay for the flowers and labor as well.

Sheryl Ross also mentioned she is in favor of the Riverfront Project and happy to see our playground a success.


Chief Ober reported there were 8 EMS details and 0 fire runs. There were no drug related incidents for August, however, he stated it seems as though these drug incidents are moving around the city so we could see an increase in the near future.

Dave Moorman said Chief Ober and his assistant did an excellent job with the CPR training sessions held in council hall on September 17th. Mayor Sammons would like to make this an annual event.


No Report.

Dave Moorman said the State of Ohio’s School Report Cards have been published and the scores are challenging. The schools have responded by stating this is the third year of different tests and the system should be left to stabilize.


Finance - Mr. Moorman

No Report

Light, Water and Sewer - Ms. Smith

No Report

Minutes, September 26, 2016

Maintenance - Mr. Hartoin

No Report

Police & Fire – Mr. Boll

No Report

Planning & Zoning - Mrs. Romweber

No Report.

Law & Ordinance - Mr. Nunnery

Ron Nunnery stated all rental property applications and checklists were mailed August 31, 2016. All but four completed applications have been received. Ron and Marilyn will meet within the next month to mail the permits.

Beautification – Fran Romweber

The Beautification Committee meeting was September 10th. Rick displayed the "gift box" idea, which is a painted wood box with a large, aluminum bow that fits over the existing flower boxes to be displayed throughout North Bend in the winter months. A winter banner will top this decoration.

We will discontinue the "Light up North Bend" event. It’s a very busy time of year for everyone. Fran stated our holiday lights will be turned on when Mayor Sammons and Rick agree on a date.


No Report


We received a check in the amount of $390.20 from the County Auditor. This was a refund check for property tax dollars for Parcel ID: 573-0008-0080-00 and 573-0008-0082-00. This reflects a remission decision from the State of Ohio Tax Commissioner.


No Report


No Report


Scott revised this resolution to include if Rick Schultz, our Maintenance Supervisor, would become injured on the job. Dave Moorman made motion to adopt Resolution 2016-16 Adopting the On-the-Job Accident, Incident, Injury Protocol. Ron Nunnery seconded the motion. Motion carried 100%.

Mayor Sammons talked about applying for a Clean Ohio grant for the Riverfront Project. This grant would help with clearing out the debris and overgrowth on Harbor Rd. Dave Moorman and Fran Romweber asked if any North Bend monies would be used in conjunction with this grant. Is the Riverfront Project Committee aware of this grant? Is there any shared responsibility between Cleves, Miami Township and North Bend? Mayor Sammons will email council with more details. The Resolution Authorizing the Mayor to Submit an Application for the Clean Ohio Funds Supporting the Riverfront Project is on hold.

Minutes, September 26, 2016


No Report


No Report


Our next council meeting is Monday October 17th, 2016 at 7:00pm. October 31st is Halloween and Mayor Sammons will be out of town on October 24th. Dave Moorman will not be able to attend the meeting but may call in.


No Report


Dave Moorman made motion to adjourn the meeting. Tim Boll seconded the motion. Motion carried 100%. Meeting was adjourned at 8:25p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

_____________________________ _______________________________

Fiscal Officer Mayor

Minutes, September 26, 2016


September 26, 2016

To Council Members for Your Information and Review

We have received the 2017 Official Certificate of Estimated Resources. A copy is in your packet. Approval of Resolution #16-2016, Accepting the amounts and rates as determined by the Budget Commissioner & Authorizing the necessary tax levies and certifying them to the County Auditor is requested at this meeting as it is necessary to approve and return a certified copy by October 17, 2016.

Please send me and the Finance Committee 2017 expense requests.

We received a partial advance of real estate taxes ($130,000) per approval of the resolutions at the last meeting.

I took another online UAN webinar training. I will be implementing the suggestions prior to closing 2016.

Four purchase orders were written this month – Blanket certificate for dues and fees, $2,000.00; Richard Schultz for mileage reimbursement to training, $129.60; Marilyn Kramer for local mileage $300.00; and Village of Cleves for half of road sealant project $4,140.00.

Distributed to council members this month are the following reports:

· Monthly Cash Flow Analysis:

Showing money in/money out and the check book balance

· Payment and charge Register Report:

Includes all checks & automatic payments taken directly from our checkbook since last Council Meeting

· Receipts Register Report:

Includes all sources of revenue taken in by the Village since last Council Meeting

· Revenue Status Report:

Shows the year-to-date status of each revenue account as of date of this Council Meeting

· Fund Status Report: Shows amount left in each fund as of date of this Council

Meeting and the current checking account balance

· Beautification Fund report: Year to date expenses and balance of fund

· Mayor’s Discretionary Fund report: No expenses this month

Copies of all the above reports are available for public viewing at the Village Office.

Respectfully submitted, Marta Fryman, Fiscal Officer

MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR’S REPORT September 26, 2016 Rick Schultz

Street Maintenance – Crack sealing was started in Cleves Sept. 13 and completed Sept. 20.

We started North Bend crack sealing on Sept. 21 and hope to be finished

this Tuesday or Wednesday.

Streets Completed - Miami



Muirfield - Future Onyx Trial

Stratford - " " "

Aston Oaks Drive (lower part)


Started Cliff

(If supplies last) Brower, West Harrison and Shawnee

** Thanks to Cleves Maintenance for the use of their truck and for their help**

Future Major Budget Items for Council Consideration

- Zero Turn Mower – 650 hours (sell ours for $2,500 to $3,500)

John Deere - $8,335.53

Exmark $9,670.00

- Snow Plow - $5,000.00 installed

- F-250 Pickup Truck - $28,592.00 (if purchased today)

Sell 2008 w/58,000 + miles - trade in range $6,600 to $8,300

(Mid-range $7,470)

Would require hazard lighting $1,500 and convert new V-box purchased last year to new truck $500.00

DEPUTY CLERK’S REPORT September 26, 2016 Marilyn Kramer

I attended a Hamilton County Training and Exercise Planning Workshop for emergency management at Nathanael Green Lodge earlier this month. I am currently gathering details of what our plan of action would be in an emergency. Hamilton County asked all participants what training topics we would like to see in the future that would be beneficial to us.

I have forms available if anyone would like to participate in the Veteran’s Memorial Paver Program. They are $25.00 per paver and we currently have 11 orders.

Riverfront Project Open House was well attended and there were many good questions.

The Three Rivers Historical Society will host a Fall Harvest Pancake Breakfast to raise funds

for speakers and history projects beneficial to the community. It’s Saturday, Oct. 1st 8:00am – 11:00am at the Miami Township Senior Center, 8 N. Miami Avenue, Cleves.

Adults - $6.00 children ages 3-12 - $3.00 children under age 2 - free

I’ll be sending in the bids for our adult fitness equipment for the playground grant this week.

I’ve been in contact with Hamilton County regarding the issues we’ve had regarding the

rubber matting and if it was required. This would change the amount of the bids dramatically. They confirmed there is no deadline for the bids to be submitted.

It was brought to my attention last week that each village, township and city is responsible

for deceased, indigent individuals that are residents of that village. A hospice social worker contacted me regarding one of our residents in this situation. I spoke with Scott about this ….

Do we need an agreement with a funeral home, a crematory….etc?

I’ve attached the Ohio Revised Code Section 9.15 stating this has been law since 2007. I also

included guidelines for the City of Blue Ash regarding this topic. (Also see ORC Section 5101.52.1 - dated 2006)

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